Mettle Vision

I was pushing my limits, without thinking too much about how or what limits there were, and I was able to do this primarily because I was pursuing a meaningful vision.

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Shouty McYellerson Drives A Bus

I had allowed the story I had conjured about Shouty to influence me, and decided that perhaps I didn’t need to throw him under the bus. I flashed him another look that said “unacceptable” and chose to focus on asking questions of myself, my values and how I might feel if I was in his place.

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Story of a Diamond

When my friend asked me to ghost write her entry for a book collecting inspiring women’s experiences, I was honoured and even excited that she had asked me to do this. I had been wanting to write her something special so as to properly express my gratitude for a particularly special gesture which, I’m sure […]

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Cat Food

Siouxsie is going to take a little while to forget that sugar does not a meal make, while she recovers with her healthier diet of my inconvenience.

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